My Journey Thus Far

This week some photos of my kids from one year ago popped up in my TimeHop app. Of course my first reaction was how much each of them has changed but it was also very apparent to me just how much my photographs have improved. I was interested in photography at a very young age and even took some courses in college. It was the birth of my children that inspired me to get back into it. Last fall I decided to pursue my passion further. Anyone who knows me well knows I put everything I've got into my goals. I'm a lifelong educator (even if I'm not a classroom teacher anymore) and I love to learn! Since November I've taken courses, watched countless YouTube videos, and read every blog post I could find. Below are the side-by-side images of each of my children from last year and a photo I've recently taken. I'm so proud of my growth and am so eager to learn more!

crediting some amazing photographers/educators (below)