Why Choose a Session at Home?

Lifestyle sessions are done in the comfort of your own home. These photos reflect a sense of coziness that can only come from being at home. Those first few weeks with a newborn are just a blur. Trying to get out of the house on time while getting everyone dressed and ready can be stressful. With an in home session you have everything you need soothe baby without packing it all up.

Less Stress

When I arrive, I walk around and scout out the best lit area to use. Typically the master bedroom or even a couch work the best. I always stress to families that there is no need to clean before I come. I am very familiar with bringing home a new baby and all that comes with that. It is easy to move a few things around if need be while I am there. I suggest wearing comfy clothes with neutral colors. No need to add searching for some elaborate newborn outfit to your to do list. A simple form fitting onesie and some swaddle blankets will do.

Embrace Real Life

You can't get anymore unique of a location than your own home! Whether we do the session on a bed, the couch, or even the floor the images will reflect those true family connections. I do not do much in the way of posing so if baby is alert or asleep it will not affect our session. Baby will let us know if he or she is ready to move on! You'd be surprised how many different photos can be taken of baby all while comfortably being held by mom or dad.