When to schedule photos?

Many families choose to have photos taken days after baby's arrival. Sometimes life (or covid) gets in the way and baby is 4 months old before the first family session happens. There is a BIG difference in a newborn and a 4 month old! Of course we'd all love to have photos taken every 3 months to document our ever changing baby but if that isn't an option for you consider the perks of waiting.

1) The Smiles!

That's not just a gassy smile - 4 month old babies give off those big cheesy grins!

2) The reactions

A 4 month old is beginning to react and respond to mom and dad - grabbing, cooing, and grinning! What a sweet memory to capture!


Not only is your little one likely to be awake for the session but mom and dad are much more well rested by 4 months! Babies at this age are sleeping 8-12 hours at night and beginning to form a regular nap schedule.

So much fun capturing this sweet family's first session after baby's arrival!