We Did It!

You scheduled the session, had a great time, downloaded your full gallery but now what? Sharing all your favorites on social media isn't the final step in the process! So many busy families completely forget to have those beautiful images printed! Whether it's to put on the wall, gift to a family member, or make yearly album with some could argue this is the most important step! It's so easy with digital images to download and forget.

Why I only offer digitals?

Owning the digital image gives you the option to print them again and again. I love knowing if something tragic were to happen to your favorite family album you can always pull up those files and have them printed again. They are yours to print and use as you like.

After downloading your gallery please take the time make prints whether it is a big wall canvas, photo cards, an album, or even a simple ornament. Prints can be treasured for years to come - those kiddos don't stay little for long!

Where should we get them printed?

After investing your time and money on a session I highly recommend using a professional print lab. Photographers are trained to see variations in color and contrast much more than the average person. Ordering through my website will connect you with a professional print lab where you can have prints of all sizes, wall art, and cards made. You can also take your images and work directly with MPix or Miller's Lab (linked below).

Anna maria island, FL