Keep it Simple Folks

I mean, could she be any cuter?! Yes, baby clothes can be adorable on the rack but most of the time they don't fit baby properly and often even distract in photos. Why are you having these photos taken? What do you want to remember about your newborn? For each of my children I saved a favorite outfit in each of their memory boxes. The photos should reflect those sweet tiny features, connections, and a time you'll never get back.

The Little Details

By keeping her in a simple white onesie what you notice first in the photograph are those beautiful eyes, the hands, the hair, daddy's smile, the way mama holds her close. I want my images to convey the connection you have with your baby.

Indoor vs Outdoor

The same philosophy still applies - a neutral form fitted onesie looks best! All we did here was add some pants instead of the swaddle. Cute but simple so the focus is on baby's features and the love from a sibling.